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I am a UI designer and art director with outstanding visual, communication and teamwork skills. Continually striving to use a highly precise process of data informed design solutions which contribute to all parts of product life-cycle including research, whiteboarding, wire framing, limited interactive prototypes, (My skill set is not that of a developer) user testing, design specs and pixel-perfect mock ups facilitating product launch.

When I am not working on solving UI/UX problems I can most often be found spending quality time at home. Beating things with sticks, (the drums of course!), and listening to music. I love the out-of-doors and also hike, bike and walk. These are just a few of the distractions that help me achieve the perfect work-life balance.

God bless.

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UX Process

Lean UX Design

(Or at least as lean as I can make it)

“As a designer I expect failure of my ideas early and often. I embrace it as part of the process to reach a consistent user experience over numerous systems and channels, including applications, websites and mobile initiatives that will continually please my customers and their users.”

What does my UX process call for?

That’s one loaded question. The answer in all actuality is: "It depends." Depends on what you may ask. Well, a number of aspects such as timelines, project scope, budget and a not so little thing as the client and their “wish list.”

Choosing the appropriate path through the UX landscape can be a rocky one to say the least. Comprehending the how, when, and why is a process I embrace. I try to mix and match all the techniques available to me as a UX designer to create a path best suited to each individual project.


Here is where I help determine the goals of the project. Both long and short term. What is trying to be achieved with the project, how success will be measured and the priority of each of these within that scope.
Accepted Methods of Practice - Stakeholder Interviews - Competitor Analysis - Analytics Review


Often skipped in the Lean UX process, it still needs to be considered one of the most important steps especially on a large scale project. Smaller startup projects could scale down or even skip this process entirely.
Accepted Methods of Practice - Ethnography/Contextual Inquiry – Diary Study – User Interviews – Surveys – Heuristic Review


Validation time. Lots of data has just been gathered during the Research/Discovery phase. Here is where the “what” I have gathered helps me to formulate and understand the “why.”
Accepted Methods of Practice - Use cases – Storyboards – Personas – Scenarios – Experience Maps/Flows


For me this is where the rubber meets the road. I’m still a UI guy at heart.
This is the time to get ideas in front of the users, get feedback, (“fail early and often”), rinse and repeat. Here I’ll use wireframes, paper prototypes and “low fidelity prototypes only” as to prevent any “visual burn-in of branding, color palettes and other visual details.
Accepted Methods of Practice - Site Map Wireframes – Paper Prototypes - Low Fidelity Prototypes - Diary Study - In Person User Testing – Unmoderated User Testing – User Interviews – Collaborative Design


Time to champion the entire vision created and followed by all the previous steps. Here is where I work with developers to bring it all to life by going high-fidelity using full stack development where validation is sought from key stake holders and end users alike.
Accepted Methods of Practice - Scums to include QA Sessions - In Person User Testing – Unmoderated User Testing – Beta Release – Final Release

Final Thoughts

What I have laid out above is by no means the final word on the topic. As you see there is noticeable overlap. Moving forward will only provide learning moments where it will be crucial to look back to some of the previous research steps, get more feedback and continually iterate new ideas. This practice of UX design is a means-to-an-end as I remain driven by results not the process itself.



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Some Stats


Years of Experience


Hours of Work


Years of Agile SD


Hiked Pikes Peak ;)


  • June 1995

    Visit New England.com

    UX/UI/Art Director

    • Owning the user-experience and visual design for Visit New England.com, including the navigation system, reference pages, landing pages, marketing emails and design assets.

    • Defined the standards of usability and accessibility across all seven web properties.

    • Designed and managed the development of a new site-wide navigation system increasing page discoverability, reduced page exits, providing scalability for future growth while optimizing for search engine via new page hierarchy.

    • Lead front-end development teams and engaged with product stakeholders, peer designers, and content providers to solve business goals using the best practice principles of user-centered agile design processes.

  • Aug 2017
    Dec 2018


    UX/UI Designer

    • Spearheading UX/UI collaboration in the creation of a new system to forecast and organize new and existing data points to Top 5 Kellogg business owners.

    • Applying in and out of market research and development methods in order to learn and understand emerging trends and technologies and to communicate this knowledge with team clearly and concisely.

    • Creating style guides, content and messaging strategies, best practices and processes and communicated said out to cross functional teams on an ongoing basic.

    • Ensuring that any content complies with corporate brand standards, corporate style guide, legal and compliance.

    • Continually evaluating the usability of new and existing products while making constructive suggestions for change based on best UX/UI practices.

    • Conducting usability reviews of programs design to understand potential usability issues around content, usability and user interface.

    • Providing leadership on UX/UI project(s) efforts to ensure content and design meet business objectives and user needs.

  • Feb 2006
    Mar 2017


    Lead UX/UI Designer

    • Responsible for all aspects of the design strategy and implementation for Original Manufacture dealership websites on both desktop and mobile.

    • Balanced needs of client, brand and consumer to create highly compelling interactive shopping experiences. Clients included Lexus, General Motors, Hyundai, Mini, VW, Holden, Infiniti, and more.

    • Utilized qualitative and quantitative research to understand consumer shopping behavior, motivational drivers and personalized needs.

    • Created wire frames, prototypes, specifications.redlines and pixel perfect mock ups.

    • Conducted iterative usability tests and managed design reviews of product build during agile demos.

  • Mar 2000
    Mar 2001


    Art Director

    • Responsible for the visual strategy and art direction of B2B and B2C applications and cross medium collateral.

    • Working closely with the Creative Director to ensure that branding, strategy and delivery parallel Channelpoint’s design standards.

    • Designed UI for web-enabled software products, created web-enabled applications for Fortune 50-500 insurance portals ensuring optimal usability.

    • Creation of interactive prototypes from visual comps to html. Helped in the creation of Channelpoint style guide.

    • Supervised and mentored teams of designers in user interface design principles and visual experience.

  • Mar 1998
    Feb 2000

    Sprintout Internet Services

    Senior Designer

    • Responsible for the growth of the brand-new media division of a successful technology services firm including new business development, client relations, and strategic planning.

    • Creative and interactive production management of web and multimedia projects.

    • Hiring and management of in-house and freelance designers and programmers.

    • Coding in html for design solutions.


  • 1992

    New England Institute of Technology

    Focus: Radio Video Production

  • 1984

    Johnson & Wales, Providence RI

    Focus: Business Administration

  • 1976

    Westerly Senior High School

    High School Degree



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